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One of my favorites.

Enguerrand Quarton(?), Pietà of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, c. 1455, oil on wood, 163 x 219 cm (Musée du Louvre)

Smarthistory has mastered the format.  Concise and thorough investigations into great works of art.
More free lessons at:…


Ian Davenport at Paul Kasmin, NYC (April 2009)

Gorgeous paintings

The School of Graphic Design Presents: Moving Brands

What fantastic work Moving Brands.

The Psychological Basis for UI Design Rules

Guest speaker Jeff Johnson of UI Wizards shares how design mentality has changed over the years and where it is heading in the future. He makes some great points about how the brain perceives details, basic shapes and base response to color.

SWISS Museum keeps Gurlitt’s Nazi looted art Dr. Elizabeth Maxwell-Garner

Let this great treasure belong to the people. No mater what museum. Everyone evolved in proprietorship had nothing to do with how it came to be in the hands of Gurlitt, they only stand to profit. You only live once but this art can live for generations if taken care of properly. WWW.ALBRECHTDURERBLOG.COM

Photshop tutorials

Came across some fun tutorials that help keep tips and tricks fresh in your head.

Check out Blue Lightning TV’s Youtube channel.

The guy on the bike

Love work that James Kalm”the guy on the bike” does for everyone that can’t be in New York City.  Check out his Youtube chanel at